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13 trends that will drive the future of America

Everything has been speeding up over the past decades. You can look at pretty much any business industry or aspect of life in general and you will notice a pace that has never been recorded before. Thanks to this speed and magnitude of things due to globalization, butterfly effect has never been more appropriate. This is a collection of the 13 most relevant trends that will drive the future of america.


  1. The Bay Area Is Now The Center Of The Universe: growth is faster than NYC, its share of all US investments has doubled over the past 15 years from 20% to over 40%.
  2. Renting & sharing economy: lyft (rides), spotify (playlists), getmyboat (boats), getAround (peer-to-peer car rental), airbnb etc.
  3. Texas growth engine: 18% of all US export, revenue has been skyrocketing while cost of living/operation stay stable.
  4. Congealing of cities and suburbs
  5. Rise of the robots: 45% of all US jobs can be replaced by robots, rise of self driving cars, HFT (high frequency trading)
  6. Renewables: from 2005 wind went up 500%, solar 267% thanks to both government subsidies/incentives and lowering manufacturing costs.
  7. Wearable technology: watches, shoes, clothing, quantified self movement
  8. Online dating: 38% of singles have used online dating.
  9. Future of housing is renting: ownership at a 17year low.
  10. Obesity: rising fast among older population but stabilized among millennials, not cooking/preparing food main culprit.
  11. Gun control is a lost war: too late to change things.
  12. Hollywood/old tv is dead:  lower entry costs, leaner operations, limiting viewing experience led to having many new players in the industry (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc).
  13. Women always stronger in the workforce: although there is still a huge inequality, things are steadily getting better and fuel the consequential family reorganization.
What are your thoughts about this? Would love to debate, discuss different ones.

Published: Fri, Nov 29 2013 @ 13:11:03
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