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I provide comprehensive consulting services designed to enhance your business's technological landscape and strategic direction. Understanding the dynamic and rapidly evolving tech environment, I offer a unified consulting retainer that blends advisory support, immediate crisis management, and end-to-end project execution. This all-in-one service ensures that whether you need guidance on strategic decisions, swift action in response to urgent issues, or thorough support from conception through to market launch, you have access to my expertise.

With this service, you gain the flexibility to engage with me across various capacities: from on-demand advice for your key players—such as board members and project managers—via phone, email, and chat, to priority access for tackling urgent technological or business challenges that require rapid assessment and action. Moreover, it extends to comprehensive involvement in your projects, offering data-driven insights and cross-functional collaboration from initial ideation to beyond market launch, ensuring your product or service not only enters the market successfully but continues to evolve and stay competitive.

This approach is tailored to provide peace of mind and strategic advantage, allowing your business to leverage my cross-industry experience and technical expertise without the full cost of an executive-level hire. Whether you're looking to refine your strategic direction, navigate critical challenges quickly, or achieve ambitious business goals with an innovative product launch, this unified consulting retainer service is structured to meet your needs effectively, ensuring high responsiveness and commitment to your success.

What I bring

The mobile sector is full of consultants who could potentially help you with this project. So why work with me? Here are several reasons that I hope you will find compelling:

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