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Approaching the iPhone App Business: "Se lo fai, fallo per bene!"

I love making apps for early stage startups.
Many of my clients are big companies that are scared to fall behind and therefore just want an iPhone app. This is great on the money side (big client = big money) but not on the satisfaction level. Those who get into the iPhone app business because everyone else is doing it do not understand the potential and what they're missing out on.
[caption id="attachment_338" align="alignright" width="349"]why Trust someone who knows better than you.[/caption]
I'm always open to teaching people about this industry and those companies who give me their attention (and follow what I say) always end up loving it; both the process and the return. The main point I have to get across is that an app is a new medium of communication but it's not the new website or new television; it's different. iPhone apps are a tool that companies need to understand. If they don't, they should at least be humble enough to listen to who knows more. Being a tool, it needs to serve a purpose. No, shoving ads and ALL your website pages down the user's throat is not a purpose.
After all these years as a freelancer, I've perfected my own system to guide iPhone app business newbies. This involves a lot of talking and getting to know the company (past, present and future), what they know, what they expect, what they do. I need to find out all the information I can regarding market, product, target and operations in order to best craft a valuable iPhone app.
After a company hires me, the first 2-3 meetings are usually "just talking" (if they are smart enough to invest this time). Being a iPhone app professional, I always come up with different app ideas and approaches to the same app. It is key to understand the company's priorities and expectations and always be clear about what is going on and the path the project is taking. Setting a timeline is also very important. Many times being overly excited about starting something new can backfire. You want too much, too soon. An iPhone app is in many ways a product which has to adhere to the common product development process we all studied (my good old MBA days are extremely useful to connect with top management).
Approaching the iPhone app business will be extremely exciting but in order to do it right (and therefore rewarding) you need to allow a professional guide you in the process or you might get burned (badly); I think we all remember to this study about 60% of developers/companies not breaking even with their iPhone apps. As we'd say in Italy: "se lo fai, fallo per bene" ("if you're going to do it you might as well do it right").
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Published: Fri, Oct 26 2012 @ 11:37:04
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