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Apps using iPhone 5s M7 motion coprocessor

In September 2013, Apple announced the new iPhone 5s. The big news, a part from iOS7 itself, was the fingerprint scanner to unlock the device. However, we should also pay attention to the all new iPhone 5s M7 motion coprocessor.

What is the iPhone 5s M7 motion coprocessor?

The iPhone 5s M7 motion coprocessor is a new chip that gathers motion data from multiple sensors (such as accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass) and combines that information to determine a body motion. This is basically taking care of most of the leg work (pun intended :) ) that many fitness apps currently have to deal with.

Apps using iPhone 5s M7 motion coprocessor

MotionX-24/7: Sleep Cycle, Snore, Heart Rate, Activity Tracker [iPhone; $0.99] MotionX-24/7 is an activity tracker and sleep monitor for the iPhone. It allows you yo analyze your sleep cycle, monitor your workouts and track your weight. A smart alarm feature will track your sleep cycle and wake you up at the optimal time. WeatherRun [iPhone; $1.99] WeatherRun is a tracking app that logs your outdoor activity along with the weather, altitude, humidity and temperature. ARGUS - Motion and Fitness Tracker by Azumio [iPhone; $1.99] ARGUS - Motion and Fitness Tracker is a multi-faceted fitness tracker that monitors your daily activities, food consumption, workouts, sleep, hydration, weight and more. M7 Pedometer - Steps [iPhone; Free] M7 Pedometer - Steps is a simple app that uses the M7 chip to shows your daily and cumulative steps. Strava Run [iPhone; Free] Strava Run is a social exercise app that tracks your running routine as you compete against your friends and climb up the leaderboard. Burning Meter Pro [iPhone; $4.99] Version 3.0 of this fitness tracker and educational app adds support for the M7 processor. It's meant for people looking to get started on their fitness program and is not for the seasoned athlete. Pedometer++ [iPhone; Free] Pedometer++ is a basic pedometer app that shows your daily and weekly step counts. StepTracker [iPhone; Free] StepTracker is a basic pedometer app that shows your daily step counts for the past 7 days. You can view today's data as well as scroll back to see what how much you moved a week ago. App is free, but iAd supported.

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Published: Mon, Oct 14 2013 @ 9:47:34
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