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Big Day for MyLyrics

ImageMyLyrics is one of my most successful apps when looking at number of downloads (over 325,000). Yesterday I came across a post by Trey Smith (a very smart guy, you can find the article here) regarding "new" revenue models for apps and how they evolved over time. You can find more details on the amazing AppAnnie website.
Being in the this industry for quite some time and having first hand experience not much of it was actually new.. a part from one thing: RevMob. I was aware of the different kinds of ads in apps but had no idea this one in particular paid out so much!RevMob Logo
I immediately got to work and it was incredibly easy to implement. Literally: download SDK, drag&drop, one line of code and you're down. Amazing! Just the way it should be.
Obviously I decided to implement this on MyLyrics since I know it will immediately give m numbers to assess if it's the right thing for my user base and I.
In addition, I finally got around to adding DGM as an iTunes Affiliate for Australia and New Zealand users.
Will definitely look forward to the updated app hitting the market to see how things go!

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Published: Sat, Sep 1 2012 @ 9:26:11
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