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Challenges in Finding a Universal Product Manager and the Role of a Trusted Advisor

In the dynamic landscape of product management, each specialization brings its unique skill set and focus, making it challenging to find a single individual who can master all these facets. While the idea of having one Product Manager who embodies the skills of Core, Growth, Platform, and Innovation PMs might seem ideal, several factors contribute to the rarity of such individuals. Similarly, hiring four different PMs for the same product can introduce complexities and inefficiencies. As a result, a viable solution is to have a trusted advisor who oversees the various specializations.

1. Depth vs. Breadth of Expertise

The four product management specializations encompass a wide range of skills, from user-centered design to data-driven decision-making and technical prowess. It's difficult to find an individual who excels in all these areas simultaneously. Specializing in one domain allows PMs to delve deeply into the intricacies of their chosen area, while attempting to master multiple specializations might result in diluted expertise.

2. Evolving Roles and Skillsets

The landscape of product management is constantly evolving. New tools, technologies, and methodologies emerge regularly, requiring ongoing learning and adaptation. Staying up-to-date across all four specializations is a monumental task, and dedicating oneself to a particular domain allows for better mastery of the changing landscape.

3. Complexity of Collaboration

Hiring four different PMs for a single product can create challenges in terms of communication, alignment, and decision-making. Coordinating the efforts of multiple PMs can lead to inefficiencies, misaligned objectives, and even conflicts. This complex web of collaboration can slow down the decision-making process and hinder the product's progress.

4. Overhead and Costs

Hiring multiple PMs for a single product increases overhead costs, as each PM requires resources, compensation, and time for onboarding. From a financial perspective, it might not be feasible or efficient to have an extensive team of specialized PMs.

The Role of a Trusted Advisor

Given the challenges of finding a universal PM or hiring multiple specialized PMs, an alternative approach is to have a trusted advisor who oversees the different specializations. This individual, often a senior product leader or chief product officer, possesses a breadth of knowledge and experience across the entire product management spectrum. Their role involves:

In a rapidly changing landscape, having a trusted advisor offers the advantage of expertise across the entire spectrum of product management without burdening the organization with the complexities of hiring multiple specialized PMs. This approach streamlines decision-making, aligns efforts, and ensures that the product's evolution is strategic and cohesive. While the concept of an all-encompassing Product Manager is appealing, the reality is that specialization brings depth, and a trusted advisor brings breadth, ultimately guiding the product to success in a multifaceted environment.

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Published: Sat, Aug 26 2023 @ 9:52:55
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