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Craigslist listings on map

CraigslistCraigslist has always been an incredible resources for anyone who wanted to make some kind of deal. Whether it was an apartment or a car, a phone or baseball cards, you could just go on Craigslist and you would surely find someone interested. Not mention the "personals"...
However, especially when searching for apartments, not being able to view all the results on a map has always been an annoyance. I recently relocated to San Francisco and had first hand experience with the current real estate nightmare: everything is super expensive and scarse. One of the guys showing the houses on open days also told me that on average any apartment doesn't stay empty more than 3 days. Simply incredible...
This forced me to check Craigslist every day... almost every hour in order to be the first to respond when a new listing appeared. I even started making my own app (Apartment Hunter) although then I set aside specifically for the legally issues that were arising for people using Craigslist's data (you can read more here).
Now this is not an issue anymore (I'm happy I didn't spend too much time on that app!). Craigslist just added a map feature to their website. Obviously it's 100% Craigslist style: ugly and barebones (especially compared to PadMapper) but it surely does its job. You can check it out here or find more details here.

Published: Sun, Oct 7 2012 @ 19:06:45
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