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iAd attribution for app installs

Apple very recently released the newest version of its mobile device operating system: iOS7.1 This is what we may call a standard update: minor UI changes, bug fixes and small enhancements here and there. However, there is one element that is extremely interesting Without making any kind of announcement or specification, Apple added a way to identify click and install attribution for their iAd advertising platform. The new feature was not mentioned in the API documentation or the what's new summary. This is certainly a big change considering Apple has always been the most secretive when it comes to bridging online marketing and actual installs (you can checkout some of the current mobile app download tracking solutions). Techcrunch mentioned this, but I found out while checking out the official iOS7.1 API diffs. By calling determineAppInstallationAttributionWithCompletionHandler within your iOS ObjectiveC code, you will be able to have such information. iAd-attribution-for-app-installs
Not long ago, Apple opened its iAd workbench platform to everyone (so not just for brands with $1M+ advertising budget); now iAd attribution made easy... What will the next step be?

Published: Fri, Mar 14 2014 @ 11:39:59
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