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iTunes Affiliate Link Example

This is a section of the main tutorial on iTunes affiliate links.
Often I feel like just reading the "theory" of how to do something isn't enough to fully grasp what's happening. This is especially true when it comes to maximizing its potential. This is my iTunes Affiliate Link Example so you can jump start making money with Apple.

1. Find the iTunes Store product

Open the iTunes Store and find the item you wish to create an iTunes Affiliate link for. This can be anything (a song, an album, an artist, an app, an audiobook, a book etc) currently available on the iTunes Store. In this iTunes affiliate link example I'll use the awesome iOS app "MyBookList" which allows you to keep a digital library of all the books you own.

2. Copy iTunes Store URL

Next to the "buy" or "download" button there is always an arrow that shows additional actions. Select "copy link". This is the URL that you can share with anyone and it will direct them to the page on the iTunes Store (without earning you iTunes Affiliate commission). I copied this link:

3. Clean up the iTunes Store URL

This is not an essential step but I like to do it to keep links short and consistent. Looking at the link we copied above
you will notice different details:
"it" is the italian store which is my iTunes Store default.
"app" specifies the type of element you are linking to.
"my-book-list-carry-your-booklist" is the localized name (will be different in other country stores).
"id443391908" is the unique id of the element I specified.
"?l=en&mt=8" basically tries to open the iTunes app rather than showing the preview webpage using the english locale.
The only "essential" bits of the url are type and id.
I like to go from a url like this:
to this
Please note: iTunes Global Affiliate Program Manager kindly pointed out to be careful when you remove the "mt" parameter since it might open the wrong store. If you wish to be safe, you might want to leave "mt=8".
Now that you have a "clean" iTunes link, we can proceed to making it a PHG affiliate link or Tradedoubler affiliate link.

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Published: Sun, Sep 22 2013 @ 9:35:44
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