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Mobile app monetization mindset

Pepe Cantos, chief monetization officer and head of product at Barcelona-based publisher Social Point, does a great job at laying out his mindset when tackling the crucial topic of mobile app monetization.
Know your “fun value”
Without engagement, monetization is nonexistent. Before you think about ads or IAPs, be 100 percent certain that you're creating the experience you want for your users, Cantos says. Retentions (short, mid and long-term) will give you a good indication, but there are many other tailor-made metrics that will help you understand the “fun factor,” depending on the game. For example, look at combats played, win-loss ratios, levels unlocked and actions performed, Cantos suggests.
Source: How Social Point Thinks About Game Monetization | Chartboost

Published: Sun, May 10 2015 @ 10:26:38
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