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Mobile consulting services

Mobile is not a trend or novelty anymore. The mobile business is a reality and as such it needs to be acknowledged, understood and leveraged. However, especially for established, bigger companies, it is still an unknown land and for this reason mobile consulting services have been growing steadily.
Luckily for you, although there are several options when it comes to picking the best mobile consulting services for your needs, filtering out the ones with small or poor past experience is quite easy and it leaves you with a handful of professionals that can truly help you.
The key to successfully leveraging mobile is understanding which aspects of it fit well with your product and current resources. A good mobile consulting services provider is not just someone who knows about mobile, it's someone who understands you.
After you select your mobile consultant, you should provide any information you have and trust their advice. Be confident in the fact that you're venturing into a new sector and professional advice is precious.
I'm proud to say, from feedback I receive, that I am one of the best established mobile consultants. Before turning to mobile years ago (when it started), I had dedicated all my studies (university & MBA) and professional experience to business and marketing. This gives me a competitive advantage over other mobile consultants who only focus on the "technical" side without taking into account you. You can find more about this here.
When it comes to mobile consulting services, there is no magic recipe, a one size fits all kind of approach. If you do come across such offers, beware. Whether you're making your first steps in the mobile business or already have apps and mobile websites, the best strategy for yo to adopt will be different from anyone else's. Not only, the best strategy to grow your business now, will most likely be different 8months down the road.
Mobile consulting is about creating synergy between your current assets and the mobile capabilities. At first these will be many therefore a good mobile consultant will also help you evaluate and asses the options a decide together where to start.
I would love to know more about what you do and further discuss: [email protected]

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Published: Sun, Sep 22 2013 @ 11:52:37
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