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Mobile Web vs. Native Apps: What are the... ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDIN ME?!?!

Enough already please... Yesterday I received another invitation to an event regarding the super annoying them of Mobile Web vs Native Apps (you can find it here).

html5 vs native

I'm sorry for the rant but this is becoming some sort of torture. There are plenty of comparisons, editorials, studies, abstracts, thesis, jokes, anecdotes, predictions etc on the topic; do people actually still wonder which is best?
Regardless, I'll make sure I record myself the next time I give a client the same old 20min spiel about this. 99% of the times the answer is go with PhoneGap! phonegap logoStay tuned for an mp3 or perhaps a podcast... ;)

#html5, #mobile, #native, #phonegap, #rant
Published: Thu, Nov 1 2012 @ 4:31:09
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