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New iOS 6 Fonts for iPhone & iPad

ios6Apple recently released and updated the list of fonts available in the latest iOS firmware: iOS6. You can find the full list here.
As you will immediately notice there are many new fonts that are bundled when compared to the iOS5 release or event the iOS4 firmware font package.
In iOS4 there were 159 fonts available, in iOS5 this was brought up to 222 fonts and now, in iOS6 we find 260 bundled fonts!
In addition to fonts being readily available, developers can instruct their apps to request extra fonts. You can find a list of these fonts here.
If you're looking for cool fonts to use without having to bundle them manually, you can check out this poster. It refers to iOS4 but odds are you will find something you like.
[caption id="attachment_289" align="alignright" width="154"]iOS 4 Fonts Poster iOS Fonts Poster[/caption]
However, if you're really serious about finding the perfect font for your iOS app, you should definitely check out this online tool which lets you select the iOS and preview text in the desired font.
Interesting fact (especially if creating a cross-platform app): Android's default font is called Roboto whilst Windows Phone 7 is Segoe. Make true cross-platform apps with PhoneGap!
If you're still unsatisfied with the vast array of fonts natively available on your beloved devices, you can obviously still go find new ones to manually import and implement. I personally like to use 400Fonts and FontSquirrel.

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Published: Tue, Oct 23 2012 @ 4:02:30
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