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Top 9 brands advertising on Facebook

I'm sure you will be shocked when you hear how much big brands spend advertising on Facebook. I know I certainly was… I guess this goes to confirm the latest findings about it's efficiency.   

1. Samsung: $100 million

There was widespread agreement that Samsung is one of Facebook's biggest clients, if not the biggest client. Late last year, Samsung spent $10 million in a three-week period on Facebook just to launch its Galaxy S III phone, for instance.

2. P&G: $60 million

Procter & Gamble is the world's largest advertiser and has a massive presence on Facebook, particularly among moms. Facebook ended a "free ride" for advertisers in late 2012/early 2013 by restricting the reach of some of their free page posts, thus encouraging more paid post promotion and ad spending right at the same time that P&G made a big push out of traditional media and into social. P&G will likely activate another huge social media campaign around Facebook for the Russian Olympics next year.

3. Microsoft: $35 million

The company has a longstanding pact with Facebook, which uses its Bing search engine. Facebook also acquired Microsoft's Atlas ad server this year.

4. AT&T

Facebook is the biggest mobile app on the planet, and AT&T — as both a wireless carrier and a seller of mobile devices — knows it must maintain a constant presence on it.

5. Amazon: $30 million

The rumor is that Amazon will actually begin serving ads inside Facebook's ad exchange, FBX, soon. Amazon gets a lot of retail traffic from people liking or recommending purchases on Facebook.

6. Verizon: $30 million

Facebook has courted wireless carrier advertisers specifically with a new tool that shows Facebook mobile ads are nine times more successful than desktop media in getting people to switch carriers than other media.

7. Nestle: $30 million

One example of Nestle's social media investment: It sponsored Grumpy Cat this year.

8. Unilever: $30 million

Two of the top were from Unilever, including its "real sketches" ad for Dove and a viral Turkish ad for Cornetto ice cream.

9. American Express: $25 million

AmEx is a hugely social brand. Right now it's marketing a "member since" Facebook app that applies a badge to your page so you can show off how long you've carried a card.
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Published: Wed, Dec 4 2013 @ 10:49:58
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