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What can be edited once an iOS app is live (without update)?

Like I already briefly mentioned here, defining an app's timeline is extremely important.
In order to take advantage of some tweaks and elements, we first need to understand how they work and what is available. In particular, it is essential to be aware of what can be edited on your AppStore app page (basically this page) where you have all the details for you iOS app.
All the information you provide for your iOS app are editable depending on the app's "state". There are three possible states ("unavailable" doesn't really matter at this point):
[caption id="attachment_344" align="aligncenter" width="595"]Donca on iTunes Connect Donca on iTunes Connect[/caption] Unreleased
An app is in the unreleased state from the moment you create it in iTunes Connect until it is review (assuming it then gets approved). At this point you will be prompted to enter pretty much all the details pertaining to your app (excluding developer name, for example, since it is defined when your enrol and can't be changed). Live in Store
Your app will usually be mainly in the live in store state. This means that the app has been approved by the Apple Review Team and there are now imminent changes to the app itself. AppStore Optimisation requires a lot of tweaking (more info here) therefore it is crucial know what you can "play with" in order to find the best mix to generate conversions. At this point, without submitting an update, you will be allowed to edit:
- default language (among the localizations supported)
- copyright
- description
- support, marketing & privacy policy urls
- iPhone, iPhone 5 & iPad screenshot
- app review information (not useful for this matter)
- GameCenter status
- End User License Agreement Live with update queued
After you submitted your first version of the app and it goes live, you ill be able to upload an update to the app. This will need to go through the standard review process by Apple will therefore take anywhere between 3 days to 1 month to process (if approved). However, a part from bringing more functionality or fixing minor bugs in your app, an update also allows you edit more information that appears on your AppStore app page. In addition to the above elements, you will be able to change:
- version number
- primary & secondary categories
- rating
- large app icon
- Routing App Coverage File (Optional)
- app name, description, what's new, keywords for any localisation
All changes will be live when the updated version of the app is approved.
If you wish to read more about this topic, you can find Apple's detailed guide here.

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Published: Sat, Oct 27 2012 @ 6:02:08
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