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What is Big Data and why you can't control it

Big Data is a big deal

Big Data is a big deal because it has the potential of providing insight in ways we have no clue about. Big data can make connections, between very different "buckets", and show parallels. Obviously it's up to a human brain to draw hypothesis and/or conclusions (not to mention further analysis) but this is truly a precious spark.
Just recently, I came across an article where
the team displayed their results as a network in which the diseases are nodes that connect to one another when they tend to occur together. The hard part of big data is using it.

Big Data is better data

Big Data is (quasi) uncontaminated data by default. This means it is inherently "better" because it is clean(er) and context is less of an issue. Use of Big Data is most reliable and efficient when data is unstructured. The key to doing it properly is allowing yourself to gather data also where/when it seems like it's useless. No piece of information is useless, that's they key to understanding Big Data. Check out what Kenneth Cukier has to say about Big data You Cant Possibly Control Big Data.... NOT Now Anyway.

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Published: Sun, Apr 26 2015 @ 9:01:47
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