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Why I Won't Sign Your NDA

I recently came across a very interesting article regarding NDAs. I was never a fan, mainly due to the many writings on how pure original ideas don't exist and the fact that people who want you to sign an NDA are usually taking themselves way too seriously.
I also like the article because it gave me that "yup, been there" gut reaction which is pleasant when dealing with an annoyance.
Although I feel this way, I still sign NDAs primarily to not waste too much time with "empty" talks and because I know there is no way I'll take the time to develop your app without you paying me. I got plenty of awesome game-changing ideas of my own waiting to be brought to life :) .

Ideas are Plentiful, Good Execution is Scarce

It's a well documented phenomenon how idea-havin' first timers just need a programmer to bring their vision to life, as though the idea is somehow half the battle (or 90%, as folks like me often get offered sweat equity deals–10% seems to be a popular number).  But if you've ever tried to bring even one venture to market, you know perhaps all too well that ideas are just the starting point, and take by far the least work, time, and capital.
Gary Vaynerchuk said it perhaps best in his talk at the 2011 Big Omaha: “ideas are shit, execution's the game”.  Watch it2.
You can find the full article here.

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Published: Mon, Nov 19 2012 @ 14:04:38
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