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4 Hour Body Shopping List - Tim Ferriss

The Four Hour Body

The 4 Hour BodyThe 4 hour body is not just a diet which is great to lose weight, feel great and get some really impressive results; it is also a an awesome "spark" to change your eating habits while doing so. Here's the best groceries shopping list you'll find anywhere online.
I started getting into healthy nutrition back in 2007 when after a lifestyle change I lost 100lbs. It was great to find the The 4 Hour Body because it confirmed what I had been doing for years. You can find more tools that I used here.
This 4 hour body shopping list includes both foundation items and weekly items – the stuff you buy the first time you shop, and what you buy most weeks. The key is mixing all the ingredients in different ways to always have a new amazing meal. 

4 Hour Body Shopping List

Foundation items (buy the first time you go)

Weekly items




Allow 1/2 can for 1 meal. Multiply out number of meals – usually it's 28-3=25 meals per week. Mix between canned beans and red split lentils (1/3-1/2 cup per meal).

Healthy Fats

That's it!
Wasn't this the easiest groceries list you could ever find?
Not to mention how it will improve your body and well-being. The 4 Hour ChefNow you're ready to become The 4 Hour Chef... :)
Also, a collection of readings recommended by Tim Ferriss.

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Published: Fri, Aug 16 2013 @ 12:14:12
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