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App Store Optimization keyword volume estimator

app-store-optimization-keyword-volume-estimatorWhen it comes to App Store optimization keyword research, there are many techniques that can be leveraged to have the best results. The first step is always finding out the best keywords for you mobile app and hopefully this is quite straightforward for you. The tricky part, however, is usually when you need assess which ones have the most potential (since you are limited to 100characters). An app store optimization keyword volume estimator is what everyone wants. 
You can find many services that are "pretty good" out there; some free, some paid. These would include the usual suspects such as SensorTower, MobileDevHq, Straply etc. They all do many different things but I personally find discovering the true potential of a keyword rather vague. It's always some sort of "proprietary" system that doesn't convey the idea in absolute terms.
I'm trying to say that they are not accurate, but rather they take into account factors that are not publicly disclosed… and I like to make decisions on my own. Also, I like to go to the "source". When I do keyword research, for my apps or my clients', I use the App Store itself as my app store optimization keyword volume estimator. I already wrote about it here and talked about it here (on Steve P Young's Mobile App Chat podcast).
This is precisely what Apple gives you: an app store optimization keyword volume estimator. To be honest with you I'm not sure about what the number resembles but it can certainly be used as an index. I find anything above 4000 to be high volume. MyBookListThis is precisely how I got the app MyBookList ranking as Top Free and Top Grossing with just a keyword update (no major app changes).  

Published: Mon, Dec 2 2013 @ 10:43:43
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