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App Store Optimization Service


What is ASO

App Store Optimization is the means to enhance App Store ranking and improve conversions. This is done by optimizing all the elements that are taken into account by the ranking algorithm to place your app at the top. If you want to know more about ASO you can read this.
If you:  
... you came to the right place.
Regardless of your current situation you need expert advice. It's like going to the doctor, an objective look at your status and performance; assessing what's good/bad and give directions on how to improve. If you care about your app, you want this App Store Optimization Service.
I have been doing ASO way before it became a buzzword for my own apps for over 4 years. I've learned a lot through experience and trial & error. I've also seen a lot of techniques come and go. What I am offering you is best, current information and actionable elements you can find on the market. None of the research is automated, as many other providers do. Everything is hand made and brain generated. This is the App Store Optimization service I use for myself.

App Store Ranking Optimization

Our goal is to multiply the number of downloads your app gets daily. This is a two-step process: we need to work on ranking order to improve visibility and conversion in order to actually have the user download.

Competition Analysis

Do you want to see who your actual competitors are and why they perform better in the App Store? A competitor is not solely an app that has your same functionality but rather any type of option the user is faced with.

Keyword analysis

This is useful to generate some context and see what is the current situation. Take note of what has been working and what needs to be discarded.

Keyword suggestion

This is the money shot. I will give you the best keyword selection based on what you wish to rank for.

App Store Conversion Optimization


Description analysis

Many people erroneously think they should make a spec-sheet with all functionalities and explanation of the app. Most people do not read the description but they still skim through it. For this reason you need to structure it in a very specific way and make sure to include certain elements to give the user's brain the desired idea.

Icon & Screenshots Analysis

This is crucial when it comes to conversion. You need to make sure you have outstanding artwork both in an absolute and relative (competition) context.

SEO & Social Media analysis

It has been reiterated that 60% of downloads derive from App Store search. Now we need to focus on the remaining 40%.


$499. Within 7 working days, you will get a full PDF report with all the current actionable advice on how to multiply your current number of downloads.
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Published: Mon, Sep 9 2013 @ 11:21:30
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