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7 Tips to maximize your app's revenue with ads $$$

Make Money with your app
Everyone already told you the freemium is the currently the way to go to make money with your app, especially if it's game. I gave this a try a while back and it definitely delivered as expected: huge success in all apps including MyLyrics, MyBookList, Hallmarks Database and PV Master.
Although switching to this system is already a smart move, there is always room for improvement. Make sure you keep these important tips to maximize revenue with your iPhone app.
1) SDK
Odds are you are subscribed with more than one advertisement provider. I like iAds for the quality/design of ads and good revenue, AdMob for the 100% fill-rate (use it as fallback) and RevMob for their interstitial and great pay/service which I discovered thanks to a post Trey Smith which I wrote about here.
Regardless of the service you're using you should always make sure you're implementing the latest SDK. Advertising implies a lot of algorithmic calculations and predicitions. For this reason you will always want the most advanced and tweaked tool available (not mention stuff might break...).
2) SuperSize Me!
Fullscreen ads are a force to be reckoned with. Obviously, like with any kind of ad you should use them wisely and sparsely but they will definitely get the job done. A good approach is to use these "big guns" when there are achievements, unlocks or milestones in general. The user will "expect" something and therefore be more willing to follow-through.
3) Embed
Embed ads in your app... literally. Make them part of the flow, not just some side window or disruption. Much like the above point, place an ad where/when it doesn't annoy the user. You might also want to place one while the game is "doing" something that takes a few seconds (think Farmville while some crops are being planted) or user interaction is very limited.
4) Banners
the banner is classic and oldest kind of ad in an iPhone or mobile device app. Make sure you place it on the bottom of the screen: much easier to tap (willingly or not... ☺).
5) Gimme mo'!
Make sure to add a "more games" button somewhere in your app (usually the main or info section works best). If you're a big shot you will place your own "other" games. However, most of us should put our ego aside and link to stuff that generates revenue.
6) Don't be too greedy
With all the tools we are given to generate revenue, it is in our interest to make sure we don't overdo it. Don't ask for small change every single time the user wants one apple especially if he's already exposed to your ads which, let's admit it are always kinda annoying. Give a lot and the user will appreciate it and therefore be more willing to pay you... if they like you you have better chances of getting something in return.
7) Updates
You don't have to come up with some major update every single month. Odds are, you shouldn't...
However, make sure you do add/fix little stuff regularly to show your interest in the user's satisfaction and also bring them back to your app. Many users have a ton of apps installed and seeing an update will definitely be a good incentive.
What did I miss? If you have experience with making good money with apps, I'd love to know more!

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Published: Mon, Oct 1 2012 @ 10:54:04
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