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9 elements to convince your VC investor to give you money

Investing in startups is becoming more and more a pragmatic business procedure. Most venture capital funds have their own set of requirements to assess whether you're eligible or not. The following are the most common criteria when evaluating your startup idea.
The problem you are solving needs to be clearly defined and with a $1bn addressable (and growing) market as specified in the validated business model. Ideally you will need less than $2m in seed or $15m in first round funding at which point you will have a real shot at being the top player. Finally the idea has to be scalable and hopefully there will be little space for outside players to influence your margins.
via Fabrice Grinda: Musings of an Entrepreneur » 9 Business Selection Criteria.

Published: Mon, Jan 14 2013 @ 7:14:18
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