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Coin Toss Extreme: iPhone game stats and analytics after 2 weeks

coin toss App StoreIn the past 3 years I've developed all kinds of apps (read more here).
However, 2 weeks ago I released my first game for iPhone. I've always avoided game development because I'm not a gamer myself therefore always doubted the success of something that I personally wouldn't use (unlike all my other apps). What convinced me was my good friend Stefano (you can read more about it here).
Coin Toss Extreme has now been live in the AppStore for 2 weeks and I'm excited to share some insight on the app and its users (obviously it's all anonymous using Google Analytics). I marketing and the psychology behind it so I imagine many will appreciate this.
The following is going to be quite "raw" so everyone can make their own considerations.
You might want to be familiar with the game before diving into the numbers to better understand. Users
- among all the available inapp purchases the 3000 chips is the most common (and most expensive)
- top 3 countries are USA (30%), China (8.2%) and Japan (6.5%)
- after 10 days reached top 100 in 7 countries
- 55% of users are new
- 1min20sec average game time
- game time: 34% 1-3min, 12% 3min+
- 5.6% of users played 5 times or more
- 14% of users on iPod Touch
- 90% on iOS6, 10% 5.1.1 (no one below that!)
- after iOS6 release 20% had it Game Play
- 14% of users used autobet
- most common bet is 100 chips (closest to thumb, coincidence?)
- 60% of people pick side tails
- 49.4% of people win flips
- 78% of users agree to share on Facebook at first run to earn extra stash
- 51% of users add stash from menu (rather than when prompt after finishing it)
- 38% agreed to rate when prompted
- loading time: 54%<1min            37%<2min            8%<3min
Regarding revenue, it's not performing as well as this app but it's on the way... ;)

#analytics, #cointoss, #game
Published: Fri, Nov 9 2012 @ 12:40:06
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