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Mobile Application Marketing Plan Template

1. App name
2. Platforms (iOS, Android, etc.)
3. Marketing goals (Rank, organic users, downloads, cost-per-download, loyal users, revenue, other)
4. Key performance indicators (Clicks to online store, in-app purchase, session length, repeat usage, other)
5. Geographies (Countries in which to run marketing programs.)
6. Marketing channels (Mobile ad media, PR, social media, display ads, search engine marketing, emails, etc).
7. Mobile media channels (Mobile ad networks, incent networks, bidding exchanges, etc.)
8. Media plan (List ad networks, timeframe, cost structure [CPC, CPI, etc])
9. App store landing pages (Components, creation, responsibilities)
10. Marketing attribution and optimization strategy (What is the strategy, technology usage, responsibilities)
11. Ad network SDK integration with apps (Requirements, responsibilities)
12. Outside vendors (Ad agency role, partner selection, technologies)
13. Localization/translation (Languages, vendor)
14. Measurement and reporting (What is being measured, how, frequency)
15. Budget
16. Timeline

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Published: Fri, Jun 7 2013 @ 12:02:48
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