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New App Store marketing badges available

New BadgeThe iTunes Connect team recently informed all Apple developers that there are new graphics available for use. These are mainly AppStore badges that can (and should according to guidelines) be used for all marketing purposes.
As per usual, they are localised in all AppStore countries/languages.
Remember you're not allowed to edit, distort or even tilt/rotate Apple official graphics or you'll get a big frown... ;)
[caption id="attachment_384" align="aligncenter" width="595"]No tampering Make sure you don't mess with Apple's graphics.[/caption] Below you will find a specsheet detailing how/where/when to use the images and also links to the actual PNG files.
[caption id="attachment_385" align="aligncenter" width="595"]List of dos and ints Surprisingly there's more don't than do[/caption]
The original email:
Dear AwesomeRockstarDeveloper,
We are excited to announce two new App Store marketing and advertising badges for developers, the “Download on the App Store” badge and the “Available on the App Store” badge. You should use these badges whenever you advertise your iOS apps.
These App Store badges have been localized into over 30 languages and can be used around the world. Additionally, product images of iPhone 5 and iPod touch (5th generation) are now available when displaying apps that are specifically developed for the new 4-inch Retina display.
App Store badges and Apple product images must be used in accordance with the updated App Store Marketing and Advertising Guidelines for Developers. For example, badges must be used for the appropriate purpose:
  • Use the “Download on the App Store” badge only online.
  • Use the “Available on the App Store” badge only offline.
We recommend that you review the updated guidelines carefully as they contain new content and requirements.
The App Store badges, product images, and guidelines are available for download on the Marketing Resourcespage in the App Store Resource Center. To access the Marketing Resources page, you must be enrolled in the iOS Developer Program.
The App Store team

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Published: Wed, Oct 31 2012 @ 10:22:32
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