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Original pitch decks of big companies

Many times we forget that most current big companies were once startups, like many of the ones we see today.
As many will tell you, there is rarely an objectively "good" idea, it depends on many factors and in the end, only success will tell you if it was, a good idea.
Startups now have access to a vast collection of resources to learn how they should do things (ranging from founder/investor shares to iteration cycles and expected growth) and I feel like this takes away most of the passion and romance out of pitching and assessing a novelty.
I always enjoy going through old pitch decks to see how things have changed over time. There are things that one would say are big "no no" but, some companies who did it are now multimillion dollar businesses.
Here are some original pitch decks of companies that got big, fast. Foursquare Facebook Air BnB Buffer Mint SeoMoz Square Reddit Ads

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Published: Mon, May 6 2013 @ 9:48:30
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