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The Hype of Silicon Valley

Venture Beat just published an article regarding Silicon Valley, contributed by serial entrepreneur Bill Karpovich. The main idea is a good one: don't be fooled by the current hype of Silicon Valley, it isn't essential to be there in order to make it.
However, we can't deny that if you're "around there" it's easier for the following reasons (out of many):
- people are more used to and open to startups/ideas
- stronger support by city/government
- likeminded people around you to enhance your concept
- possibility to partner with others/run into others (wouldn't happen in the middle of nowhere if you're in this industry)
- little extra trust. The article states that good ideas will get funded no matter where they are. Probably true but investors need to know about it and the angel investor/startup mentality is only found in the US (not to say California or Silicon Valley).
Obviously I'm not technically a startup but just to support the above points, here's what happened to me.
Every since I relocated to San Francisco (2 months ago) I have been contacted weekly by recruiters and companies/startups who wanted to hire me. Being used to working on my own I always try to get the most info out of people who find me and turns out... LinkedIn.
My profile has been the same for at least over a year (I've been freelancing and making my own apps for the past 3 years), only thing that changed was my current location.
The conclusion I get from this is that people just look for you in these areas there it's easier to make it. I certainly had a lot of success in Italy but here it's becoming exponential and I'm convinced it has to do with having more likeminded people and being more "reachable".

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Published: Sun, Oct 21 2012 @ 8:43:16
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