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Top 5 ways to generate download leading traffic to your apps.

ChartboostNumber 5: Chartboost
Chartboost has gained a lot of ground over the last 12 months. It is a great place to buy traffic.
Chartboost a marketplace driven by its members and users, and has become very popular. It's really a unique platform on which you can advertise without overwhelming competition. You can also arrange direct deals with other developers. Because of the abundance of members, this gives you bargaining advantage when you bid on ads. You can find someone with an app similar to yours and do a cross-promotion with them. You don't have to spend any money – just trade traffic.
Good man Trey also talks about it here. PrMacNumber 4: Press Release Campaigns
PR campaigns are still a VERY effective method to spread news about anything. Almost no one does press releases for apps. It can be a great way to stand out, get your app noticed, and publish testimonials about its value.
Don't just use PRMac (you can see mine here). It is a good start, but you should also contact people who already have avid fans and subscribers (check YouTube and popular websites). Often, people with a lot of followers will be happy to post your video and promote you if you add value to them in return.
Few average developers use this strategy sometimes, but you will see large companies do it often. This method ranks high among developers whom we polled on this traffic list. keywordsNumber 3: Keywords
Keywords are a huge free traffic source. The trick is to enter as many good keywords as possible so people searching the App Store can find your app. Another ninja tactic: enter as many keywords as you can without any spaces in between the keyword phrases.
Use only commas to separate the keywords. No spaces needed in between! You will save space and be able to fit more keywords. Most developers recommend doing one word, then a common; and the next word and a common. Avoid keywords with long phrases as much as possible! Please see below: Number 2: Your App Name
Think about the best name for your app. After you brainstorm, choose an app name that someone would search for if they wanted your app.
Use the tools like the Google Keyword Tool,, and to discover relevant app names for you're app. A great name should trump highly searched keywords. Still, keywords do matter a lot if you rely on App Store search optimization. tapjoyNumber 1: Tapjoy
The number one app traffic source among over 1,000 polled developers? To use Tapjoy, you should first have an app with a high conversion rate. If your app converts well you can use Tapjoy to push it up in to higher ranks. You want to spend your money on Tapjoy solely to get to the top through rewarded installs. This means people will install your app because they receive something else (a reward) in return. It could be in game currency or any type of bonus for the user. The best part is that you will not get in trouble with the Apple for using it. The developers voted this number one by a long shot because it's the cheapest way to boost your app up to the top of the charts.
- thanks Trey for the insight.
Disclaimer: I'm not related to any of the above companies.

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Published: Tue, Nov 6 2012 @ 3:36:17
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