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Your Own App is the Ultimate Brand Builder

I just came across this article.
It basically brings to attention a trend that is becoming a necessary step in todays society. Pretty much like over a decade ago when the internet became "cool", apps are the new frontier. Everyone wants their own app to prove they're "worthy" of attention and therefore you should buy their products.
However, it is not exactly the same as with the .com bubble.
The usefulness of a website is definitely debatable. You need a website, if don't have one you don't exist. Clear to everyone, that is the "first" scope of it.
Apps are not the new websites. An app is a tool. I firmly agree with Apple when they try to reject just lame, corporate, marketing only "apps". If I want to know you exist or have your phone number/email I go on your website. I do not need an app for that.
Having also studies marketing extensively, I also understand the sales people's point of view: it's another way of reaching customers that can be touched/engaged/retained/convinced etc.
I make iPhone apps but I refuse to make boring apps. There are way to many of those already on the AppStore. This is what I believe in and also what pushes me to educate clients. I do what I do for passion first of all therefore making the app market a better place is part of the success.
Most of the time I spend with companies that tell me they want apps is talking and brainstorming. Very few come with a whole project that addresses all the aspects of a mobile app campaign so they need help; and I love to help.
I find it fun to sit with top management to discuss how to best leverage the huge potential of an iPhone app for their business. The process is now very structured for me but the beauty is that we never know what we come up with until the end of the session(s). The key point is not locking ourselves into thinking what an app has to be like. There are MANY ways of achieving a company's goal with an app (many a recurring) so do not be rigid, you gotta think out of the box.
The better you manage to explain your company (I want to know everything), the more cool ideas we can come up with!

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Published: Sun, Sep 30 2012 @ 13:30:55
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