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Track emails for Apple Mail on MacOS

This a service that will notify you when your sent email is opened or a link is clicked.

There are plenty of email tracking services out there but they all rely on changing your email configuration by having them act as intermediaries.
This obviously raises strong privacy and security concerns. With this service there is no messing with DNS records and the content of your emails never leaves your own computer.


Open terminal and type the following (followed by Enter):
curl -s | bash This will save the workflow in your services folder.


Open Mail and create a new message as you would normally.
When you're done, select Mail → Services → TrackEmail
This will replace all the links in your message with tracked ones.
Send the email and you will recevie notifications when the message is opened and/or links are clicked.



The first time you run the script the system might request additional permissions.
To grant these permissions:
• open System Preferences → Security & Privacy → Privacy
• select Accessibility in the left column
• make sure the lock in the bottom left corner is open (if not click on it and provide your password)
• check the box next to Automator in the list of apps
• run the script again


Feel free to reach out!
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